About Us

Brown Leaf Beauty is woman owned and located in Kansas City, MO. Our company was created to give those who love beauty and are concerned about nature a better option. All of our products are cruelty free and free of animal testing. 


How We Started

Our company was founded by Victoria. She has a background in aesthetics and makeup. Inspired by a long family history of cosmetology and the beauty industry stemming back to her great grandmother, Victoria is the third generation in her blood line to be a part of the beauty community. Those family values are what helped our company get our name. Brown for the family surname and Leaf to represent the family tree.

When Brown Leaf Beauty was created Victoria had one goal in mind. She wanted to be able to continue to work while still being able to do what she loves, caring for her family. That caring attitude transcends into our products with the use of wholesome ingredients and our hand-crafted creations. And yes, our family uses the product line too!

 We now have a small team along with friends and family members that volunteer their services. We truly are a family oriented business!


Our Mission

To create products for those who value nature and beauty.


Our Products

 All products are vegetarian or vegan. We NEVER test on animals and our ingredients come from cruelty free and often times local sources.  


Our Story

Brown Leaf Beauty started as a vision, hope, a dream. Just an idea that instead of just selling products that I liked, I could sell products that I loved and created myself. I could ensure the quality and content of the products, which is so important. 

While making the first lip balm I knew I was on to something big. When I shared it with my friends and family they absolutely loved it and didn't believe something so great could be handmade. With Brown Leaf Cosmetics I want to change the view of handmade. Handmade can mean great quality, great products, as well as be innovative and stylish. 

So I made my vision, my hope and my dream into a reality. This is a very exciting journey and I am so thrilled to share my ideas and products with you. I can't wait to create for you so you can fall in love with the products like I did! There are so many great things to come and I am so glad to have you along for the ride.