Why Natural Beauty Products?


Why Natural Beauty Products?

You may have noticed the increase in natural products while shopping. Especially when it comes to beauty products. You may have also asked yourself, "Are these products better for me?" In short, yes. In fact, there are many benefits to using natural beauty products. Some of these benefits include lower environmental impact, consumer confidence and better products for your skin and overall health. 


Lower Your Environmental Impact

Many traditional beauty products contain chemicals.  How does this impact the environment? The chemicals produced during the production process of these items filter into our air and water systems. This causes pollution and can also harm aquatic life. Chemical waste from beauty products cause several issues for wildlife including reproductive problems and even cancer. The packaging used may also contain toxins. These later end up in landfills further deteriorating our environment. By purchasing natural beauty products you are lessening the damage done to nature and driving down the demand for these harmful products. 



Better For Your Health 

Did you know that the largest organ on your body is your skin? It's true! Products that you place on your skin can actually be absorbed into your bloodstream. This is the reason why medicinal and hormone patches work and why some products state to use gloves or avoid contact with skin. While some chemical molecules are too large to pass into your blood stream this NOT the case with all. When it comes to beauty products that you soak in or leave on for an extended period of time you should definitely make sure these products have the least amount of toxins as possible. Using a natural option ensures you are not introducing harmful ingredients into your body. There is also less risk of skin irritations, chemical and allergic reactions.  



Buy With Confidence

Buying products with ingredients you are familiar with and recognize can give you more comfort when purchasing your beauty products. You can be confident you are making the best choice for yourself and your family. The typical beauty products that have hard to pronounce ingredients, chemicals and preservatives can leave you weary and wondering if they are safe or not. With natural beauty products you have more ease of mind and a better understand of what you are buying. 



Where Do We Stand?

Brown Leaf Cosmetics is committed to giving you the best quality in skin care and beauty. Our mission is to create products for the those who value nature and beauty. We strive to provide products that meet both those standards so you don't have to sacrifice. As we continue to grow our promise to you is that we will keep our products as green as possible. What this means is that we will focus on natural ingredients, minimal environmental impact, sustainability, the well being of our animals friends, quality and performance.